Program Student Association Info

The Sociology Students’ Association is a Program Student Association. PSAs are program student governments which the DSC recognizes as the official voice of students in their programs. Officially recognized PSAs gain:

  • recognition as the official policymaking body for students in their respective programs under the authority of the DSC as the sole policymaking body representing students in doctoral and master’s programs at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York
  • resources and consultation regarding governance and Graduate Center administration
  • financial services (deposits and control of funds) via program allocation lines
  • web resources, including OpenCUNY
  • use of VoteNet for student program elections (in March-May)

The SSA was recognized and approved as a PSA at the February 19, 2016 DSC Plenary meeting. The SSA should be renewed as a PSA on an annual basis by submitting

  • an updated constitution and
  • a list of members/officers

to the Co-Chair for Student Affairs at

For more information on PSAs, see the DSC’s page on Program Student Associations.

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