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Our times are often described in terms of crisis, threat, indeterminacy, transformation, and hope/lessness. In this moment we want to ask: What sociological imagination do we need now to understand the present and make sociology relevant to the future?

Along with addressing pressing issues such as migration, social welfare, community mobilization, homeownership, disaster, and war, we want to think about sociology’s understanding of time, place, and experience.

What is our understanding of crisis time, future time, historical time? Does sociological thought about modernity and postmodernity offer adequate temporal frameworks? What assumptions about space and the boundaries of place do we hold and how must we rethink them? What understandings of the nation, the family, the community, the market, or the institutions of civil society should we deploy in sociological research? How is our concept of experience meeting changes in practices involving the body, affect, spirituality, and reason? How are thoughts about race, sexuality, ethnicity and class implicated? What technologies are influencing our understanding of methodology, the collection and presentation of data, and the transmission of information?


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