Conference Program

[Technology as Method/Method as Technology]

The Graduate Center—City University of New York

Friday, November 5, 2010

8:00 am – 3:30 pm

365 Fifth Ave

New York, New York 10016

8:00 am—9:00 am~Registration (room 5414)

9:00 am—9:45 am~Keynote Address

10:00 am—11:15 am~ Session I

11:30 am—12:45 pm~Session II

1:00 pm—2:00 pm~Lunch (room 5414)

2:15 pm—3:30 pm~Session III

Keynote Address


Doing Research: Technology and Method as Socio-material Practices

Annel-Laure Fayard, NYU PolyTech

Skylight Room (9100)

Session I


Panel A: Technology and Capitalism I (room 9206)

Discussant: Stephen Boatright

Stevphen Shukaitis Inside the Garden of Bifurcations: Technologies of Composition,

Recuperation, and the Work of the Soul in Neoliberalism

Saraswathi Anna Subbaraman UNMANNED: Robotic Warfare Made Science Fact in Iraq and Around the World

Stephanie Wakefield Oikonomia, Gestell, Apparatus


Panel B: Movement(s) and Methods/Technology (room 9100)

Discussant: Michelle Fine

Valerie Francisco Beyond Population: Governmentality, Trauma, and Image-based Performance Texts

Rachel Goffe and Shivaani Selvaraj Annihilation of Space by Media: Making Connections through a Fragmented Neoliberal Landscape

Carolina Munoz Proto Memoscopio: The Role of New Media in the Generation of Usable and Relevant Knowledge about Nonviolence Activism


Panel C: The Technology of Method (room 9207)

Discussant: Vilna Bashi Treitler

Colleen Eren Social Time as Technology and Newspaper Content Analysis

Jessica Sperling Comparative Qualitative Methodology: Applications, Benefits, and


Session II


Panel A: Innovative Methodologies and Technologies (room 9206)

Discussant: Kate Jenkins

Kim Cunningham The EMDR Machine: Sensory-Affective Methodologies and Psychiatric Culture

Adeola Enigbokan To Retrofit as Method


Panel B: Methods and Technology in Education (room 9207)

Discussant: Paul Attewell

Kiersten Greene Diary Versus Data: Researching Teacher Blogs

Natalya Petroff Technology-oriented Approaches and Their Contribution to Literacy Research: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Session III


Panel A: Youth, Technology, and Power (room 9206)

Discussant: Sam Han

Gregory Donovan The Medium is the Message (and the Method): Unpacking the Political Ecology of Cyberdominance and Cyberempowerment in Youth Environments

Benjamin Joseph Nobile Kampler Video Game Ratings and the Archive of Children


Panel B: Technology and Capitalism II (room 9100)

Discussant: Bruno Gulli

Pamela Brown The End of Society

Tamara Kneese The Digital Afterlife: Personhood and Property in Facebook Memorialization and Online Estate Planning

Ali Syed Smooth Scholarship and the Politics of Assemblage


Panel C: Methods of TV and Conversation Analysis (room 9207)

Discussant: Patricia Clough

Stephen DiDomenico An Attempt to Bridge the Gap Between Traditional and Technologically-Mediated Approaches to Research on Naturally Occurring Conversation

Elizabeth Miller Television and the Dissemination of Stereotypes

Dana Neacsu Using Bibliometrics in Interpretive Research


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Anne-Laure Fayard

Rati Kashyap




Conference co-organizers: Heidi Baez, Colleen Eren, Sara Martucci, Elizabeth Miller and Abe Walker

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