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Parental Leave Working Group

Formed to advocate for formalized parental leave for GC students.

Contact  Anne Donlon:


Blood Drive Ad Hoc Committee

Has advocated to move all blood drives off-campus until FDA discriminatory policies against MSM (men who sleep with men) are no longer in place and to make all future off-campus blood drives more informative about said policy while promoting blood donation.

Contact:  Colin Patrick Ashley:


Health Issues Ad Hoc Committee

This committee was formed to discuss the merits of student fees going towards the wellness center in lieu of a lock of commitment to insure all GC students by administration.  This committee also researches use and satisfaction with the wellness center.

Contact:  Colin Patrick Ashley:


USS Ad Hoc Committee

Formed to come up with creative solutions to advocate for change and transparency within the CUNY-wide University Student Senate where portions of our student activity fees go each year.

Contact:  Christina Nadler:


Gender Neutral Bathrooms Ad Hoc Committee

This committee was formed to work with facilities to make sure that best practices are met in the creation of Gender Neutral Bathrooms at the Graduate Center.

Contact:  Stefanie A. Jones:


DSC Website Committee

This committee was formed to provide ideas in the creation of the new DSC website.

Contact:  Colin Patrick Ashley:


DSC Ad Hoc Committee on New Fellowships

This committee was formed to discuss the new GC wide fellowships, the implications of the new fellowships and how students and the DSC should continuously respond.

Contact:  Nicole Hanson:


DSC Spirit Team (name in progress)

This group was formed to provide a space for students who are not necesarilly DSC representatives but who are interested in participating in various outreach activities, calls for support and activism and other types of events across the various CUNY campuses.

Contact: Nicole Hanson:


The Adjunct Project

The Adjunct Project Continues to advocate for student rights as well as tackle a slew of State, CUNY-wide and GC specific issues.

The AP is also helping to organize the 2014 COCAL conference and looking for folks interested in helping to plan and organize:

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor – COCAL

COCAL is a network of North American activists working to improve higher education through the collective achievement of job reliability, livable wages, academic freedom, and time and resources for academic research and professional development for contingent academic laborers. COCAL is not affiliated with any single labor union and promotes grassroots contingent faculty organizing both within and across unions, and through campus or department specific organizing. COCAL’s major international meeting is its biennial international conference wherein participants from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico come together to share ideas, tactics, strategies, about ongoing contingent academic labor struggles.

The 2014 COCAL conference be co-sponsored and co-hosted by the Adjunct Project and will take place at the CUNY Graduate Center. The Adjunct Project would like to invite members of the CUNY community to help envision what COCAL 2014 might look like: what contingent academic labor issues at CUNY could potential shape our own event. If you are interested in getting involved in this project contact Zoltán Glück, Adjunct Project, Coordinator for Organization and Planning:

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