SSA Committees

List of 2019-2020 SSA committee members

Edwin Grimsley, Executive

Joanna Dressel, Executive

Joseph van der Naald, Executive


Jane Guskin, Awards and Admissions

Brian Mercado, Awards and Admissions

Erin Ward, Awards and Admissions


Cody Melcher, Curriculum and Examinations

Marco Castillo, Curriculum and Examinations

Joseph van der Naald, Curriculum and Examinations


Zach Del Rosso, Governance and Elections

Beiyi Hu, Governance and Elections


Kasey Zapatka, Faculty Membership

Anna Zhelnina, Faculty Membership


Viktor Bensus, Colloquium

Marianne Madore, Colloquium


Sejung Sage Yim, Communications

Anthony Capote, Communications


Karen Okigbo, Dissertation Proposal Support

Sebastian Villamizar Santamaria, Dissertation Proposal Support

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