Fang Xu


M.A.,Sociology,University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada,2010;

B.A., Advertising Studies,Tongji University,Shanghai, China, 2003

About me

I am currently working on my dissertation on the endangerment of the Shanghai dialect. My study critically examines the joint impact of three sets of state policies, namely language, urban redevelopment, and internal migration; how each in its own way suppresses the expression of a Shanghainese identity, and subjects locals to a top-down nationalist agenda. My research suggests a sharp shift in spoken language in the merely one generation, revealing the breadth and strength of China’s state power, yet also how the Shanghai dialect preservation movement demonstrates a tension between a supposedly ‘shared-by-all’ ‘China Dream’ and a rising regionalism. Furthermore, it engages broadly with debates about state-led global-city making process.

From the above you probably can tell I am interested in urban studies, urban culture in particular, and the discussion about nationalism, citizenship, state power and impact of globalization.

Outside of the academic life, you will find me listening to classical music, hiking on the west coast and foraging wild mushrooms.

Faculty advisor(s)

Sharon Zukin


Introduction to Sociology
Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative)


fangfangxx (at) gmail (dot) com

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