Jamie McCallum



BA., Sociology and Photojournalism, Syracuse University. 1999

About me

My dissertation is on transnational labor organizing in the Global South. It’s a comparative study in South Africa and India. I’m interested in political economy, history, social movements, the Left, and labor studies.

I’ve done a few projects with Antonia Levy in this Department, who is one of the smartest people I know. I threw a party for Patrick Inglis’ 30th birthday that had great GC Sociology Department representation.

I help to organize the yearly Left Forum that lots of GC students participate in.

I came here an activist, and I hope to leave with a job that allows me time to do more activism.

Faculty advisor(s)

Frances, Stanley, John Torpey, Ruth Milkman


I’ve been teaching for five years, since 2004, at Queens, Hunter, Staten Island, and the workers’ education center at the Murphy Institute. I teach Political Sociology, Labor Studies, Labor and Globalization, etc.



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