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Transcription: (from listserv discussion Jan 2014)

1a) I used QuickScribe a transcription company in Ghana. Their website is: I uploaded my audio files–saved under pseudonyms–via their website and/or a link they provided. (I found this company after the American transcription companies that I tried to work with did not do a good job trying to understand and subsequently transcribe interviews that included immigrants with accents (mine and the interviewees). 

I always dealt with Claude Annoh ( The general email is 
I paid $30 per audio hour; I believe it is not $40 per audio hour. Payments were done through paypal. I know that other GC students have also used QuickScribe.
1b) For a dissenting opinion of QuickScribe, I could not have been less satisfied with their output. It was fairly clear that they did little more than run my interviews through a transcription program that was, put simply, awful. Had they used the program and then had a human transcriber then go over the audio to correct the program’s errors, that may have been acceptable, but the output I received was so full of garbled nonsense that it was practically unusable. It’s going to cost me a couple hundred bucks just to basically make them go away. And the “discounted” price they quoted me was around $40/hour. Your mileage may vary, but beware. Personally I found it a very good object lesson in the dangers of globalization and outsourcing!
2) A plug for my brother’s transcription company, Transcribblers. Based in NYC. Competitive. Tell him that Kate sent you and you get an extra 10 cents off.

3) I have recently had a very good experience with Averbach

It seems to be a pretty small outfit. When I called an actual person answered and when I told them I was an academic they gave me a discounted price. Of course I checked the transcripts and I found very few errors or missteps. And my interviews had dialect and slang usage. The website it not the best interface. I had much better luck when I just called. I was really happy with the service and would/will use it again. I THINK the rate they gave me was $1.30/recorded minute but I am not sure.

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