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Documentaries/Films for a Methods Class
Youtube Clips of Milgram
Kinsey (the movie)
Miss Ever’s Boys is a great film / play about Tuskegee.

William Whyte’s “The Social Life of Small Urban Places” is a good example of ethnography.  More micro-sociology.  A great docu, 1 hour long, and available on Vimeo:http://vimeo.com/6821934

There’s a documentary on the Tuskegee experiment called the Deadly Deception (about 1 hr long, but you could also show parts). It’s available on Youtube.  The documentary itself is a bit old (1992, maybe?), but it’s a good one. It does a really thorough job showing how many times over the tenure of the experiment subjects were taken advantage of and/or refused treatment, and how researchers justified it to themselves, even after the justifications were clearly irrelevant.


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