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Hi First Years!

Don’t be shy about poking around the nooks and crannies of the GC.  There are staff lounges, wellness centers, cafes, and media centers to use.   The stairwells are the #1 make out spot.  Ok, that’s a lie.

Don’t worry about walking the wrong way when you get out of the elevators.  We all still do it.  Sometimes when I realize I’m walking the wrong way I just commit and pretend like I meant to. It might help to remember that the doors that are the shorter distance from the elevators lead to the soc lounge because “shorter” and “sociology” both start with “s”.  Mnemonic!

The Sociology Lounge
Lounge/read/work/eat on the couches and at the long table there.  It’s our space to use. Remember who is in ear-shot though.

The computers behind the Soc Lounge
I don’t think I walked back to where the six computers are until my second month at the GC.  Those computers are for students to use.  Sometimes the vibe back there can be more “study break” than “laser-like focus”, but as sociologists we know spaces’ norms and behaviors can shift, so who knows what the vibe’ll be fall 2013.

DSC Rooms
The Doctoral Students’ Council has two rooms on the 5th floor that can be reserved and relaxed in. See the DSC services page for info on the rooms and browse the DSC website for info on lockers, the wellness center, and other spaces.  There was some drama at the end of the Spring ’13 semester with the administration when they suggested those rooms might get taken away, so this info might be dated.

The Thesis Room
Is that closet-y room across from the mailboxes with the blue books in it.  You can reserve the room to use.  I think.  I’ve never done so.

The 6th floor kitchen
It’s a kitchen.  Use it!  Label your food though obvs.  That little boiling water spigot is great.  You might run into David Harvey there refilling his water bottle.

The library is great.  There are three floors (basement, first, second).  Walk around ’em all to find your fave spots.  Don’t make the leather chairs along the 35th street window your fave spot, though.  I totally called dibs.  Another joke!  The computers in the basement and on the second floor are the most useful because they can print and have all the software.  The computers right there when you first walk in on the first floor are less helpful.

The 8th floor cafeteria
Definitely the sunniest indoor lunch spot in midtown.  I’ve been told there are food deals at the cafe.  There is definitely a salad bar.  Even if you bring your lunch, it’s a chill zone.

The 1st floor auditoriums
Sometimes there are events in these though often they are not related to the PhD programs.

1st Floor Café
It has an offish name that I forget.  The tables and chairs are back there and open to all and the #1 vending machine choice for me is the vanilla crème cookies.

The C Level
Where your orientation probably was I needn’t elaborate.

Other floors besides the 6th
Where the other programs are!  Explore them at your own peril.  I hear Educational Psychology has free iPads and a fountain of liquid chocolate in their lounge.

Hope this helped.



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